Singapore Trip #3 – Haji Lane at A Glance

As I mentioned in the previous post, Haji Lane is an artsy, narrow alley where you can find (mostly) boutiques owned and designed by local Singaporean designers. Further than that, you can also find many cafes and restaurants here, which offer a variety of good food, from Western to Middle Eastern cuisines.

Placed within the Kampong Glam precinct, Haji Lane is walking distance to Sultan Mosque and Malay Heritage Center. It is said as the narrowest street in Singapore. And if I remember correctly, this place becomes hip just a few years ago after the abandoned buildings were renovated and beautified with vibrant colors of painting. You can also find murals in almost every corner of the area.

Back then Haji Lane is used to be a shelter for Malay families and pilgrims who have completed their journey to Mecca. No wonder this place is called as ‘Haji’ or pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabic.

Haji Lane is like a hidden gem for those who want to take a break from Singapore’s skyscrapers and hustle and bustle, especially if you LOVE hunting local designer labels and quirky accessories.

My tip to visit Haji Lane is, if you want to explore its Instagramable spots to take pictures and enjoy its atmosphere, do come in the morning even though most stores won’t be open. But if you want to shop and enjoy the cuisines each cafe has to offer, do come in the late afternoon.

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