Singapore Trip #1 – The Sultan, The Architectural Heritage

At the end of January, my husband and I went to Singapore to celebrate our half a year anniversary (that sounds cheesy, I know). We have planned this trip for quite a long time ago, but a major loss happened right before the trip. My father-in-law passed away in the first week of January, and it almost cancelled our plan. But we finally decided to give it a go, despite the circumstance.

So in the first two days we stayed in The Sultan Hotel, in Bugis area. This is a beautiful boutique hotel which gives you some nostalgic feelings with its old-style building. The hotel was awarded with Architectural Heritage in 2012.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, I reviewed the hotel because I enjoyed my stay and hope this post will give reference for anyone who plan their trip to Singapore.

My husband said that this building is Malay-style, as seen from the window carvings, but to me it instead reminds me of old Dutch buildings in my hometown, Bogor, haha. Of course I believed him because he knows better about it since he did this heritage preservation project, E-Warisan, and had lived in Malaysia for nearly 6 years. But one thing for sure is this building is so clean, well-maintained, and is newly renovated.

The Sultan is placed in the heart of Bugis area. It is a two-minute walk to Malay Heritage Center and five-minute walk to colorful and artsy Haji Lane. It’s also close to Muslim communities, so finding halal food won’t be a problem.

When my husband and I were starving in the first night, we went to this neighborhood near the hotel, in North Bridge Road to be precise, which consists of rows of cafes and restaurants with different kinds of cuisine: Mexican, Japanese, Western, you can almost find it all here. There is one halal ramen place, The Ramen Stall, which is almost crowded every time, so prepare yourself to wait in line. Across the hotel, there is also a hawker center named Sultan’s Kitchen. So when staying here you don’t have to worry of not having something to eat.

I really enjoyed my stay in The Sultan. They have these huge windows that directly lead to a narrow, yet tranquil and beautiful garden. It is kinda cramped because our windows are directly across other guest room’s, but we can still have our privacy somehow. In the second level, The Sultan also has a rooftop garden with, again, tranquil and peaceful feelings.

Maybe the only shortcoming I found was its food. Because this is a modest boutique hotel, they do not provide various breakfast menu. During our 2.5-day stay in the hotel, we found almost similar breakfast menu everyday: toast, fruit, cereal, eggs and sometimes nasi goreng. So if you pay for a room without breakfast here, that’s okay too. You can find food in every corner of the neighborhood.

The Sultan | Instagram
101 Jalan Sultan, #01-01
Singapore 199002
Tel: +65 6723 7101

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